Project Transition USA’s pioneering effort on MacDill AFB in Tampa (home of U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S Central Command) has already produced countless success stories.

Over the past 9 years of LinkedIN Workshops on MacDill, we have supported the transition of over 5,000 troops in Tampa Bay.

Many exciting job offers have been accepted — in a wide range of industries and all sizes of companies (including Fortune 500 legends such as Tesla and Amazon).

However, a critical GAP was being left unfilled.  Quite simply, many transitioning service members who are nearing retirement need more personalized, ongoing training than our monthly, one-day LinkedIN workshops on MacDill Air Force Base can provide.

Enter our Veteran Scholarship Program!

Thanks to the generous financial support of our sponsors, we are now offering multiple, free of charge, one-on-one LinkedIN consultations to qualifying transitioning military veterans and spouses who have attended our LinkedIN workshop and need additional assistance.

These personalized phone coaching sessions are conducted by our own highly-trained team of veterans, who after volunteering 50+ hours over a period of months in support of our LinkedIN Workshop attendees, are now being PAID to share what they have learned with others!

In addition to being highly-trained LinkedIN users, each veteran on our team has demonstrated an uncommon degree of COMMITMENT and PASSION for supporting their fellow veterans. Most importantly, they are PATIENT and HUMBLE, having walked many a mile in their clients’ shoes.

Our coaching sessions cover these topics (and more):

* How to create a profile that will help servicemembers build authentic, supportive relationships
* Effective job searching techniques within innovative companies that foster creativity
* How to identify & communicate with veterans inside target industries & companies
* Networking strategies for starting their own business (if appropriate)
* How to connect with influential people who share their interests

Our underlying theme: “Veterans Training Veterans”

This Veteran Scholarship Program is bringing us closer to our goal of ensuring that ALL transitioning U.S. service members feel thoroughly equipped to make the significant cultural switch from their military careers to the civilian workforce.

As funds continue to become available, we plan to expand our paid U.S. Veteran team so we can offer these one-on-one LinkedIN coaching sessions to ALL transitioning military servicemembers & spouses who attend our workshop on MacDill AFB and wish to remain in Tampa Bay.

Program Testimonials

Mike AguilarMike Aguilar, U.S. Marine Veteran

“I am grateful to my sponsor, Mr. Bob Gilpatrick, who made it possible to receive one-on-one LinkedIn instruction from Pete Blum as a recipient of the Veteran Scholarship Program. This has further advanced my professional networking and opened new opportunities. I can’t thank Mr. Gilpatrick enough for his generosity and support for veterans! Thank you also to Nancy Laine and team from Project Transition USA. Semper Fidelis!”


Renae BarnesRenae Barnes, U.S. Air Force Veteran

“The Veteran Scholarship Program is an excellent opportunity for veterans like myself to get one on one instruction to develop our LinkedIn profile. Pete Blum provided recommendations, best practices, translated military skills, and provided valuable employment contacts to initiate my job search. I am grateful to Bob Gilpatrick for his continued support and contribution to this Project Transition USA initiative. Mr. Gilpatrick’s generosity and the Veteran Scholarship Program allowed me to expand my professional network and increase opportunities in the Tampa Bay area during my transition out of the military.”

James Dirk BrunerJames Dirk Bruner, U.S. Air Force Veteran

“As a recipient of the Veterans Scholarship Program, I can speak firsthand on its benefits. I can’t thank Pete Blum enough for working with me on my profile. Most importantly, he spent time to explain WHY the profile areas were important, and HOW to use each of them to market myself. This program was directly responsible for reducing the stress of the dreaded “job search” for me. Thanks to my sponsor Ben Sever’s donation, and those that will hopefully follow, this program can continue to directly benefit other veterans as well.”


Jose CarreraJose Carrera, U.S. Army Veteran

“I would like to thank my sponsor, Bob Gilpatrick for his generosity and for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Veteran Scholarship Program! I was really excited when Pete Blum called me and offered me the opportunity to participate in the program. I was in so much need of fine tuning my LinkedIn profile, and his guidance helped me tremendously in the development of it. I have recommended the program to several of my fellow Soldiers and hope they get in touch. I greatly appreciate it!”


Jason CooleyJason Cooley, U.S. Air Force Veteran

“Searching for a new career is a daunting and scary endeavor. I am grateful and thankful that I was selected as a recipient of the Veteran Scholarship Program. The efforts of Nancy Laine and Pete Blum are certain to ensure the successful transition of military veterans. My one-on-one sessions have proven to be very helpful in expanding my LinkedIn profile, as well as building my network. Thank you to my sponsor Bob Gilpatrick for making this opportunity available to me and other veterans.”


Nelson DominguezNelson Dominguez, U.S. Marine Veteran

“As a recipient of the Veterans Scholarship Program, I would like to personally thank Nancy and Pete for their time, guidance, and dedication that they selflessly provide to the military and veteran community. The three one-hour sessions spent with Pete were instrumental in preparation of a marketable LinkedIn profile. Going over the intricacies of how to leverage the platform, network, and job search has, without a doubt, set me up for success. What started as a fog of a transition, has turned into a clear path to success and I am look forward to what the future has in store. Thank you, Nancy and Pete. I am truly grateful and look forward to a long-lasting relationship. See you guys soon.”

Thomas HardenThomas Harden, U.S. Air Force Veteran

“As a part of my transition from the military I had the opportunity to meet Nancy Laine and her team from Project Transition USA. The workshop helped me strengthen my LinkedIn profile. I also had the pleasure of working one on one with Pete Blum as part of the Veteran Scholarship Program to further build upon what was learned in the workshop. I can’t thank Nancy Laine, Pete Blum, and especially my sponsor Bob Gilpatrick enough for this opportunity. What you have done for me and many other military members transitioning has a greater impact than you can ever imagine!”


Cheryl HaslipCheryl Haslip, U.S. Marine Veteran

“Thank you for the generous gift of the Veteran Scholarship Program. The efforts of my sponsor Ben Sever, as well as Nancy Laine, Peter Blum, and the team, are certain to ensure the success of the program. For myself, the Linkedin workshop helped tremendously, and especially working one on one with Pete on my page set up. Thank you again!!”


Madison HendricksonMadison Hendrickson, U.S. Military Spouse

“As a military spouse, I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Veteran Scholarship Program. My one on one sessions with Pete Blum were very informational and have proven to be very helpful to building my LinkedIn network. Thank you to my sponsor Ben Sever for making these opportunities possible!”


Michael HensonMichael Henson, U.S. Air Force Veteran

“Thank you Bob! As a transitioning veteran, I am in the process of gaining clarity about my next mission in the civilian world. I understand it was your kindness and generous donation that paved the way for me to participate in the Veteran Scholarship Program, and for that I am very grateful. Receiving one-on-one coaching is extremely valuable in reaching my goal of improving my Linkedin profile and building a supportive professional network. It also gave me the confidence I needed to transition to civilian life. Your dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of transitioning service members is inspiring.”

William William “Bill” Johansson, U.S. Navy Veteran

“Bob, I sincerely appreciate your support for transitioning veterans and their spouses! I attended my first LinkedIn workshop at MacDill AFB in April 2018, and immediately recognized how essential the platform and networking are for transitioning veterans. I’ve been volunteering my time ever since. I am very grateful for all I have learned and for being able to share this with other veterans. Being a recipient of the Veteran Scholarship Program and receiving one-on-one coaching, however, is a HUGE step beyond. I’m now on Terminal Leave, and my last day of active duty will be Feb. 1st, 2019, so this individual assistance is perfectly timed for me. Bob, I understand you actually NAMED Project Transition USA and have been the wind beneath their wings for over 6 years now. Your support has made a very positive difference in my life, and countless others. I feel very blessed to have you as my sponsor!”

Dave KerseyDave Kersey, U.S. Air Force Veteran

“Like many who are transitioning out of the military, I was struggling to get any traction on a new career. With the help of Pete Blum, the fine people associated with Project Transition USA, and the Veteran’s Scholarship Program, I was able to improve my LinkedIn profile and was contacted almost immediately by a recruiting firm. The first job position they sent resulted in my hiring! It is safe to say that without the aid from Pete and the team, I would still be struggling to land my next career…many thanks to all who helped!”


Fitzgerald MasonFitzgerald Mason, U.S. Navy and Army Veteran

“I am grateful and fortunate to be a recipient of the Veteran Scholarship Program. My sponsor Ben Sever definitely has the passion to help transitioning veterans. Pete Blum taught me invaluable tools and resources to prepare me for my next career opportunity. I was truly blessed to meet Nancy Laine because she is the one who inspired and motivated me to volunteer and help transitioning veterans through Project Transition USA.”


Aaron MiddletonAaron Middleton, U.S. Marine Veteran

“Pete has been such a blessing for me as I transition out of the military. He has dedicated several hours to me directly in my pursuit of my next career. He is both a compassionate leader dedicated to the success of his proteges, as well as an expert on LinkedIn, networking, and the overall process of military transition. I would be much farther behind in my transition if it was not for Pete’s direct intervention.”


Julie MooreJulie Moore, U.S. Army Veteran

“ I am very grateful to the generosity, patience and commitment of the PTUSA team: Pete Blum and Nancy Laine. Their desire to truly help veterans in their journey outside of a military uniform has been invaluable to me.
I have learned and grown leaps and bounds to improve my brand, my profile on LinkedIn and my resume and can confidently say “I’m ready!” However, their efforts could not come to fruition without some financial support from someone with a heart and compassion to also help veterans, and that is Bob Gilpatrick. Thank you, Bob for supporting PTUSA!”

John (Jack) O'ConnorJohn (Jack) O’Connor, U.S. Air Force Veteran

“Starting a new career is a daunting task for some veterans, and the chance to get some extra one on one help from a Project Transition USA instructor has been extremely valuable and greatly appreciated. Thank you to my sponsor Ben Sever for supporting the Veteran Scholarship Program and assisting transitioning veterans!”


Tom ReddickTom Reddick, U.S. Army Veteran

“Thank you to my sponsor Ben Sever for his generosity and for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Veteran Scholarship Program! Pete Blum has guided me in the development of my LinkedIn page and has helped me tailor it to my specific situation in life. Thank you again so much!”



Ken SiversonKen Siverson, U.S. Army Veteran

“Bob, I wanted to thank you for sponsoring the Project Transition USA Veteran Scholarship Program. Project Transition USA has been tremendously helpful during my transition. I am a PTUSA VSP recipient, and I completed my one-on-one meetings with Pete Blum. The assistance is truly invaluable. I look forward to continued support from PTUSA. I am very passionate about helping others, and specifically our veterans. Once I am settled with my next career I also would be interested in giving back to Veterans during their transition. The staff at Project Transition USA is helping us vets with resources, and are indeed making a difference. I want to thank you Bob for your support, kindness, and patriotism.”

Grace StoryGrace Story, U.S. Military Spouse

“Thank you Bob Gilpatrick for sponsoring the Veteran Scholarship Program and assisting transitioning U.S. military veterans and spouses! As the spouse of a veteran, I am grateful to be a recipient, and I am very happy to report I have already found a job! I thoroughly enjoyed the LinkedIN workshop taught on MacDill Air Force Base by Project Transition USA, and the additional one-on-one coaching you made possible was the perfect compliment. Your generosity is much appreciated and I wish you all the best!”


Bill StrangeBill Strange, U.S. Air Force Veteran

“As a transitioning veteran, I am fine-tuning my sense of direction as the next chapter awaits. When I received a message from Pete Blum that I was selected as a recipient of the Veteran Scholarship Program, I nearly fell out of my chair! He has provided me with assistance in taking my LinkedIn profile from the under-construction aspect to reaching new heights. Thanks to my sponsor Ben Sever! Your graciousness is much appreciated and I wish you all the best!”


Program Sponsors


We are deeply grateful to Ben Sever, VP of Strategic Partnerships at AtRock Consulting Group, for leading the way and helping us launch this important program at Project Transition USA.

Ben’s generous financial donation made it possible for us to begin offering our new LinkedIN coaching service in addition to the monthly LinkedIn workshops we’ve been teaching for transitioning military members and their dependents on MacDill AFB since 2012.


We are deeply grateful to Bob Gilpatrick, President of Boomers Forever Young, for his contribution and sponsorship of the Project Transition USA Veteran Scholarship Program.

Bob’s generous financial donation has made it possible for us to offer one on one coaching to a group of 10 transitioning military veterans. Bob truly has a heart for helping veterans and wants to see each and every one of them become successful. He is also one of the Project Transition USA Officers.


Project Transition USA specializes in teaching transitioning U.S. military veterans and their families how to fully utilize LinkedIN — the world’s most powerful business networking site.

Our LinkedIn Job Search Workshops on MacDill Air Force Base are offered monthly, and they are open exclusively to transitioning military personnel enrolled in MacDill’s TAP program, their dependents, and Project Transition USA volunteers.