Get a Mentor!

A mentor is an important part of your transition. There are plenty of them out there that understand the military and the industry you are interested in exploring in the civilian world. Here are a couple that we recommend. Additionally there are many members of our team and our LinkedIn group willing to mentor as well.

1)  American Corporate Partners (ACP)              2)  Veterati

Action Items You Can Take

Resource Directory Links

1)  Veteran Friendly Companies – Vets2Industry

2)  Veteran Benefits – Vets2Industry

3)  Dependent Benefits – Vets2Industry


Action Items You Can Take

1)  How to decide on a career (Even if you don’t know what you want to do) Print out this “Clarity Through Contrast Worksheet”  (Special thanks to Michael Losier)

(And watch Michael’s video to learn how to use this simple yet powerful clarification technique)

2)  Take the 5/25/150 Challenge! Download this spreadsheet and learn a unique way of networking!

3)  What Color Is Your Parachute Test: The Right Job Here is a quick and impactful read on finding the right job.