Before you even THINK of applying for a job (ANY job), talk with someone who’s experienced in that ROLE (preferably in that COMPANY!)

You need to hear the INSIDE SCOOP — and reaching out to those folks can make a HUGE difference!

Why would they choose to help YOU?

Because you’ve built a RELATIONSHIP with them in advance (usually on LinkedIN) based on common INTERESTS and PASSIONS.

So it’s VERY important that you add those things to your profile. Make it EASY for them to find what they have in COMMON with you!

And BEFORE asking for help — do a TON of research about that role and company (and entire INDUSTRY). Don’t waste their time on things you should have KNOWN.

Something I hear from recruiters all the time is WAY too many job seekers aren’t even CLOSE to being prepared when they APPLY, let alone when they INTERVIEW.

(This causes so much NEEDLESS SUFFERING!!)

And remember this. Recruiters LOVE it when you’re personally REFERRED by someone who already works there.

(In fact, that someone may get a big BONUS CHECK if you get hired!)

So don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Just do it in the RIGHT WAY.

Take the time to learn how to REALLY use LinkedIN!

The WORLD becomes a brighter place after learning the ART OF CONNECTING!

STOP! Don’t apply for that JOB before reading this!!